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Versa Nuts


Versa Nut ® is a 'hybrid' threaded insert, providing the strength and integrity of a Rivet Nut, with the grip range of a Jack Nut ®.

The deep permanent re-usable thread created in both steel or plastic materials is made by collapsing the four legs of the component to create a vice-like grip on the underside of the receiving material.

Available in Steel Flat Head only, with thread range M5 - M10 and providing a grip range up to 12.7mm

Key features and benefits

  • Installed quickly by using simple hand tools (less than 3 seconds)
  • Require only blind side access
  • Extra large blind side bearing area after placing
  • Higher pull out and torque-to-turn resistance
  • Less radial loading of holes in brittle materials
  • Less risk of cracking and de-lamination of composites
  • Up to twice the grip range of standard blind inserts
  • Enables a designer to reduce the size or number of fasteners in an assembly
  • Covers large variations of thicknesses
  • Please consult our technical department for advice on suitable installation tools.

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